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[Bally Astrocade]

Interested in the classic video game systems released in the 70s and 80s? I am. I collect most of the classic systems, including the Astrocade.

"6 for $35" deal!

I have quite a stash of Bally stuff, actually. I occasionally put some up on Ebay under a "6 for $35" deal, where you get six Astrocade games shipped anywhere in the USA for $35. If you are buying through Ebay, you must purchase the assortment offered in the Ebay listing. Ebay does not allow sellers to offer listings where buyers can choose what titles they want.

If you buy direct from me, though, you may choose your titles.

Pick any six cartridges below. Have them shipped anywhere in the USA for $35. Simple, eh? You can pick more than one of each title if you like. Need 3 Galactic Invasions and 3 Astrocade BASICs? Need 6 Incredible Wizards? (Yes, it's that good. :) ) Just mail me at with a list of what you want and I'll mail you payment information. Want more than 6? Add $5 per additional cartridge.

All of these cartridges are complete and factory shrinkwrapped. It's just like stepping back in time and buying them from the store!

Here's a list of the titles available in the "6 for $35" deal:

Cat # Title Description
2004 Brickyard Clowns Played Circus Atari or Breakout? This cartridge has 'em both.
2005 Star Battle Fly down a pseudo-3D corridor and shoot the opposing X-wing or Tie Fighter
2011 Galactic Invasion It's Galaxian, and a pretty good rendition at that.
2014 Grand Prix / Demolition Derby Racing games for the Bally. Up to four players at once.
2017 The Incredible Wizard Wizard of Wor. The best Bally game, and the best non-emulated version of Wizard of Wor.
3005 Bally Pin It's pinball, only better than on the Atari. Needs two controllers to play.
4002 Letter Match / Spell 'n' Score / Crosswords Play word games on your Bally.
6004 Astrocade BASIC Write your own games on the Bally. Can save programs to a tape recorder through built-in audio interface. Includes detailed manual.

In pictures (some of these titles are not listed on Ebay):

[Clowns] [Star Battle] [Galactic Invasion]
[Grand Prix] [Incredible Wizard]
[Bally Pin] [Letter Match] [Astrocade BASIC]

Other Bally games

I have other Bally games available in extremely limited quantities. These titles are not available in the "6 for $35" deal, but I have a few available for $10 each (plus shipping unless you're also getting "6 for 35" too)

All of these cartridges are complete and factory shrinkwrapped. It's just like stepping back in time and buying them from the store!

Cat # Title Description
2012 Space Fortress Plays like Space Zap, or the in-space parts of Cosmic Ark. Frantic pace after a few waves.
3002 Football Are you ready for some football?

In pictures:

[Space Fortress]

Bally accessories

I have Bally-label TV/Game switchboxes, manuals and keypad overlays for the Bally system, and manuals for the games listed above. Please e-mail me if you're interested in Bally accessories.

If you're buying the "6 for $35" deal and would like an original manual, warranty card, and keypad overlay for your Astrocade console, just add $5.

I am currently out of replacement controllers for the Astrocade.

I am currently out of Astrocade systems.

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