Sleep well, Nick!

June 3, 1998 - June 17, 2004

Here is a memorial to our cat Nick (also known as "Puce").

A good hair day!
A young Puce ... on a good hair day!

Helpful Puce!
Puce helps with work

Snowballs are good!
Puce enjoys the non-yellow snow

Puce was a very civilized cat
Puce learns to use a fork

Puce and Rick Puce and Patty
Puce liked to lay down with his peeps!

Or by himself...
Or by himself in a basket...

This quilt is MINE!
Okay ... I guess I HAVE to share.
He also loved QUILTS!

Here's one of the first encounters between Puce and Rusty

Puce Battle!
Puce battle!

Puce liked the new house.

Sitting in the yard Headed towards the garden
... and the OUTSIDE!

RIP, Nick
We miss you, Mr. Puce!
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